SuperHero Street Fair - SuperHero Award Winner Marco Cochrane

Marco Cochrane

Marco Cochrane was born to American artists in Venice, Italy in 1962 and raised in Northern California in the midst of the political and cultural movement of those times. As a result, Marco learned respect for oneness, balance and the imperative to make the world a better place. In particular, he identified with the female struggle with oppression and saw feminine energy and power as critical to the world’s balance. In his 20s, on a dare, he explored sculpting and discovered both his ability to capture human emotion and energy and the power of art to amplify.

 Self-taught, for more than 20 years Marco sculpted in clay and cast in bronze, primarily women who chose their own poses … their own expression. Then in 2007 he attended the Burning Man Festival and was inspired to take his art and his message in a new direction, he just did not yet know how. In 2009 he returned, and it was then he realized how he could enlarge his sculptures to monumental proportions while maintaining their integrity, this magnifying their impact.

Bliss Project

The Bliss Project is a series of three monumental sculptures on which Marco worked with singer and dance Deja Solis (as model) and 100s of volunteers. Standing 40 feet tall, Bliss Dance debuted at Burning Man 2010 and is currently installed on Treasure Island in San Francisco. The second sculpture is Truth is Beauty. At 55 feet tall, she debuted at Burning Man 2013. R-Evolution, the final sculpture in the series made her first appearance at Burning Man 2015. Each sculpture is constructed of welded steel rods and balls, covered in stainless steel mesh skin with interactive lighting effects.

The Bliss Project was made possible by a large community of support who helped to fund, create and achieve the project’s goals.

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SuperHero Street Fair - SuperHero Award Winner: Inspiration Campaign

Inspiration Campaign

Join the movement to bring more positivity to our world! We buy ad space in media outlets and display positive messages that receive the most votes.

Why Inspiration Campaign?

We believe people are thirsting for something new on the main stages of our society. We believe a new kind of media is something the majority of people on the planet support. We believe people-powered, crowd-sourced media opens doors to What Else is Possible.

Traditional mass media has long played a major roll in perpetuating / activating an old human story rooted in Separation, Scarcity, and Fear. For generations it’s been used to brainwash the population into a dollar-sign-chasing, I’m-not-good-enough frenzy. Media has become such a standard vehicle for profits and self-interest that we accept its negative messaging and self-interest as a natural part of our everyday lives.

Inspiration Campaign is here to harness the collective power of all the people who know in their hearts that a more beautiful world is possible and use it to create a new voice in the mainstream. Together we can create a conscious form of people-power with enough economic and creative force to create entirely realities in the world. Sources of inspiration and empowerment in people’s lives. Meaningful moments for people everywhere. Invitations to pause and reflect. Reminders of what we all already know deep inside.

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SuperHero Street Fair - SuperHero Award Winner: Food Runners

Food Runners

The mission of Food Runners is to help alleviate hunger in San Francisco, to help prevent waste and to help create community. Food Runners is currently delivering over 15 tons of food a week that would otherwise be thrown away. With help from our volunteer coordinator, our paid truck driver and people like you, we can provide enough food for 5,000 meals a day in San Francisco.

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